Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarrella are launching their first joint eyewear collection with eyes + more

Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarrella proudly announce their first joint eyewear collection, which was developed together with the optician chain eyes + more. The exclusive design collaboration will be available from April 9th in all eyes + more stores in 5 countries and online at eyesandmore.de. Building on the success of Jana Ina's two previous eyewear collections, this one now also includes a stylish selection of men's models that were personally designed by her husband Giovanni. The new eyes + more collection is a design debut for the singer and entertainer.

Fashion is a great passion for Jana Ina and Giovanni, which they celebrate through joint shopping trips and events. For the model and presenter, glasses are an important accessory that perfectly rounds off every outfit. She has been a brand ambassador for eyes + more since 2022 and has already developed two successful collections with the international eyewear chain. She has now also been able to get her husband to participate in this year's collection, who designed men's models for the first time. The new design collection from eyes + more reflects the unmistakable style of Jana Ina and Giovanni. Each of the 40 eyewear models, 25 for women and 15 for men, captures the unique mix of elegance and charm associated with the celebrity couple.

Jana Ina once again proves her sense for trends and her passion for colors. In her designs, the brand ambassador combines light metal and acetate frames with soft pastel tones such as light blue, lilac and turquoise. The CAMPINA model surprises with its trendy retro charm, while ALEGRE celebrates the cool oversize look. “It’s important to me that my designs radiate joy and are fun to style with,” says Jana Ina Zarrella. As a homage to her homeland of Brazil, each model is discreetly decorated with a yellow detail on the outside of the temple and bears the name of a Brazilian city. “Each pair of glasses tells the story of a city or region that influenced me. When I wear them, I remember the vibrant life, the lively streets, the unique spirit and the unmatched beauty of Brazil's nature.”

Giovanni was inspired by his Italian roots and chose muted color nuances for his collection. “In his song “AZZURRO,” PAOLO CONTE tells the story of a hot summer day in a city with a bright blue sky. This is exactly the feeling I want to evoke with my collection,” says Giovanni Zarrella. Strong blue meets elegant midnight blue and like shadows on a sunny day, contrasts in soft brown tones can be found in his color palette. “It is important to me that my styles are perfect for every occasion. From a day at the sea to a family celebration in a suit.” True to Leonardo da Vinci's quote “La semplicità è l'ultima sofisticazione.” (“Simplicity is the decisive sophistication.”), the entertainer relies on classic Clubmaster models as well as pilot-shaped glasses. A special highlight and at the same time a personal touch is a fine azure blue line that adorns the side bar of each of its models.

Exclusive eyewear collection at a fixed price

The popular and fast-growing optician chain eyes + more is not only known for its monthly fashion drops and outstanding in-house designs, but also for its transparent pricing concept. All models from Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarrella cost 129 euros as a single vision model and 279 euros as progressive lenses. As with all models from eyes + more, each pair of glasses can be manufactured as both prescription and sunglasses. Customers can choose between a variety of different shades – regardless of their eyesight. Whether delicate gradients in yellow, blue or pink through to strong tones in brown, green or black - self-tinting or polarizing lenses are also possible. This means there are no limits to your individual style. Without prescription and with standard lenses, the models cost 99 euros each.

The design collection will be available exclusively from April 9th in over 280 eyes + more stores in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium as well as online at eyesandmore.de.

A selection of campaign motifs and packshots are available for download here. If you have any questions, interview requests or sample orders, please contact us anytime. PLEASE NOTE: The publication embargo runs until April 9, 2024.

About eyes + more

eyes + more operates with 283 branches in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium, focuses on affordable, fashionable eye care and is the fastest-growing optical chain in Europe. With its mission " Eyewear is fashion and an ordinary accessory to underline people's individuality” , the company provides its customers with eyewear at affordable prices. In addition to price, quality and customer satisfaction are also extremely important to them. The company is therefore very proud of its official TÜV certification.

About Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarrella

Jana Ina, a Brazilian native residing in Germany, is renowned as a television presenter and model. On her Instagram channel, she inspires more than 830.000 followers with her charming spirit and her stories from the world of fashion and lifestyle. Her husband Giovanni is a famous singer and current jury member of “The Voice of Germany”. A host of his own TV show “The Giovanni Zarrella Show” he reaches over three million viewers.

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