“Glasses made from recycled materials are even more beautiful”

Nexeye introduces circular eyewear at Hans Anders, Direkt Optik and eyes + more

Optics retailgroup nexeye introduces Ciircle - a circular eyewear collection of frames made from old glasses and residual waste from new frame production. The collection forms part of nexeye’s ambition to make their business more sustainable. The complete Ciircle collection - consisting of 23 unisex frames - is available from today at opticians Hans Anders, Direkt Optik, and eyes + more. Or go to these opticians’ websites to view and try on the frames.

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Ambition to make business operations more sustainable a step at a time

Karin van Braam, CBO at nexeye talks about the role sustainability plays at nexeye: “Nexeye wants good eye and hearing care is available for the next generations too. Sustainability of the production process plays a major role in this, besides the quality and affordability of our products. As a group, we are keen to help in making sure the world and society stay liveable. Not just because our customers expect it from us, but mainly because we genuinely believe that we can.”

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Karin van Braam, CBO at nexeye

Ciircle, circular eyewear

When they visit factories, the nexeye category managers can see a growing commitment among suppliers to making the production process cleaner and more sustainable. Van Braam: “We continue to engage with them and look for more sustainable solutions together. For instance, we see residual waste released during frame production as an opportunity: this is high-quality material that is excellent for reuse. If we manage to take full advantage of these opportunities, we demonstrate that it is unnecessary to keep using new raw materials for our products. We started from the premise that glasses made from reused materials are even more beautiful, and entered into dialogue with a supplier who uses residual waste and old frames to produce new plastic frames. The result is the Ciircle brand and the collection, which we developed together.”


Van Braam is keen to hear customers’ reactions: “We think it’s interesting to see how our customers react to our collection. What’s more, it teaches us how used glasses are taken apart, how it is made into plastic granulate and then turned into a brand new frame. It gives us an understanding of the process, and that’s very valuable to us too”

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Read the full interview with Karin van Braam here: “Glasses made from recycled materials are even more beautiful” - nexeye

Media kit: Ciircle, new circulair eyewear | Nexeye Newsroom

Read more about nexeye and sustainability at nexeye.com.

About Nexeye

Nexeye is a platform of retail companies that currently consists of three value-for-money options brands operating in five European countries.

Hans Anders was founded 40 years ago and is active in the Netherlands and Belgium with 407 shops offering eye and hearing care. In 2023 the chain has won two ABN AMRO Retailer of the Year awards; in the categories Audiologists and Best Webshop Optics 2023-2024.

eyes + more operates with 282 branches in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium, focuses on affordable, fashionable eye care and is the fastest-growing optical chain in Europe.

Direkt Optik has 36 stores across the Sweden, is known for its unique3 for 1 offer and highly appreciated for the expertise and service of the qualified opticians in its stores..

In total, nexeye and labels employ more than 4,000 people (headcount). British investor 3i owns nexeye.

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