Liemarvin Bonevacia: one step closer to Paris with DRIIVE

Nexeye, parent company of optics chains Hans Anders, eyes + more en Direkt Optik, has announced it will support professional athlete Liemarvin Bonevacia towards and during the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The athlete has been struggeling with impaired vision for years. The sponsorship agreement includes eye care through appropriate vision solutions, including prescription sports glasses. Liemarvin also helps nexeye and Team DSM with his experiences to further develop the sports eyewear collection for atheletes.

Bart van den Nieuwenhof, CEO of nexeye, explains the decision. “Last year, together with Team DSM, we developed and marketed the high performance sports eyewear line DRIIVE. Of course Team DSM cyclists ride with these, but the sports glasses are suitable for many more athletes. When Liemarvin approached us last year with the question, to help him with the best vision during sports, it was the ultimate compliment for us. Liemarvin has a considerable eyeglass strength, and this shows once again that our DRIIVE racing glasses are the ultimate solution for any athlete who wants to achieve peak performance with prescription glasses."

Professional athlete Liemarvin Bonevacia is going for gold at the Paris Olympics next year. That the DRIIVE PRO prescription sports glasses will help him achieve this, Bonevacia is convinced.

"During a race, ultimate focus is hugely important. Being able to see the course and lines sharply and being able to cut yourself off from the rest around you. With a vision of -6, good prescription sports glasses are indispensable. Nexeye offered the solution for me with their uniquely designed DRIIVE glasses. The lightweight glasses not only offer me the right prescription, they are also stable while running thanks to the fit. And not unimportantly for me, they also have the right looks. The glasses have become a part of me. I wear them indoors and outdoors while running, not just because of the looks, I really need them. In the coming month, I am focusing on FBK Games in Hengelo on 4 June. But in his head, I am already working on those Olympics. Every time I take a step closer to Paris. A step closer to that gold medal."

DRIIVE presents - The story of Liemarvin Bonevacia

The DRIIVE sports eyewear collection was developed by the specialists at nexeye (the retail platform to which Hans Anders, eyes + more and Direkt Optik belong) and Team DSM. Introduced in April 2022, the unique sports eyewear line focuses on individual endurance athletes such as runners, rowers and winter athletes in addition to cycling. DRIIVE is available in two levels:

·       DRIIVE PRO collection: state-of-the-art professional sports glasses made of durable materials, with aerodynamic design, extremely lightweight, high quality lenses, with the possibility of clip on prescription, different shields for all weather conditions without distortion, high quality coating for clear vision and adjustability of the glasses at nose and ears.

·       The DRIIVE HYBRID collection: sporty hybrid glasses perfect for all outdoor sports activities (such as cycling, mountain biking, running, hiking, etc.) and other leisure moments. Also available with prescription lenses.

The DRIIVE sports glasses line is a great success. Sales figures in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Austria have exceeded all expectations. The Research & Development experts at nexeye and Team DSM are currently further developing the sports eyewear line for the 2023 season.

The full collection is available at Hans Anders, eyes + more and Direkt Optik.

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