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In Belgium, 1 in 5 people still postpone buying spectacles for financial reasons. That should not be the case, says Hans Anders. To change this, we started a glasses project in Belgium in 2015 together with Doctors of the World. This continuous cooperation allows us to fulfil our mission to make good vision and hearing accessible to everyone. Every year, this is how Hans Anders helps hundreds of people in Belgium to participate in society with good vision.

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Sponsoring glasses

Both Hans Anders and Doctors of the World believe not being able to afford glasses and have poor vision is unjust. Which is why we sponsor spectacle frames and corrective lenses for everyone who is visually impaired and needs assistance.

How does the glasses project work?

- A patient in need visits one of the care centres* of Doctors of the World.

- The patient is then examined by an eye specialist. If the exam shows that they need specially-adapted glasses, the patient receives a prescription for the glasses. The patient takes the prescription to Hans Anders and together we choose a frame and suitable lenses.

- The glasses are then ordered immediately. The optician calls the patient when the glasses have arrived.

An international NGO

Doctors of the World is an international NGO that aims to make health care accessible to all. In Belgium, Doctors of the World has 4 care centres

- Brussels

- Antwerp

- La Louvière

- Ostend

This is where people who fall outside the traditional care system can go for medical assistance. Doctors of all specialities (ophthalmologists, as well as ear, nose, and throat doctors, dentists, etc.) provide their services in these care centres on a voluntary basis. You can become a volunteer or donate via www.doktersvandewereld.be or make a donation via BE26 0000 0000 29 29.

About Nexeye

Nexeye is a platform of retail companies that currently consists of three value-for-money options brands operating in five European countries.

Hans Anders was founded 40 years ago and is active in the Netherlands and Belgium with 407 shops offering eye and hearing care. In 2023 the chain has won two ABN AMRO Retailer of the Year awards; in the categories Audiologists and Best Webshop Optics 2023-2024.

eyes + more operates with 282 branches in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium, focuses on affordable, fashionable eye care and is the fastest-growing optical chain in Europe.

Direkt Optik has 36 stores across the Sweden, is known for its unique3 for 1 offer and highly appreciated for the expertise and service of the qualified opticians in its stores..

In total, nexeye and labels employ more than 4,000 people (headcount). British investor 3i owns nexeye.

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